Why buying a TV stand ?

A TV stand is above all a piece of furniture that you will normally see regularly, being located just below the television. It must be that it has a nice aesthetic appearance in addition to the basics practical fonctions.

Living room furniture

Thus, it is as much as the other furniture and decorative elements of the room a personnal mean of expression for the inhabitant of this house, it participes to an atmosphere he creates and makes him feel at home. For exemple, shabbyc chic tv unit will bring a different mood than scandinavian tv unit or retro tv unit. Before choosing some relections need to be led.

Proportions of the TV stand

The dimensions of the TV stand must adapt to those of the room that hosts it (living room, room...). The height of the furniture depends on that of the seat: if it is high, the furniture will be chosen high (it facilitates the passage of the vacuum), And vice versa. For some situations, it is preferable to choose a low tv unit.

For a harmonious rendering, choose a furniture longer than your TV. Their dimensions are longer since we now have models of 1.60 m long, even 1.80 m.

The TV stand and its storage

The number of peripheral elements (box, console, DVD ...) will influence the amount of storage of the TV stand. How many drawers? niches? of doors? High-end models offer, for example, glass doors that let the waves through to completely conceal the technique.

Aspect of the TV stand

There is a big choice of colours, raw materials (different types of wood, metal...), textures, general shape... It is important to imagine the tv stand in your living room with all the others elements to get an idea of what it will bring to the room. Some will prefer retro tv stand or vintage tv stand, others will prefer wood and metal tv stand, it only depends on you.